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Agile, Flexible and Hybrid Working | Praxis42

Our agile, flexible and hybrid working services include a sophisticated online workplace assessment tool to control your agile working arrangements.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic ‘working from home’ has shifted from being a mandatory requirement dictated by government to control the spread of the virus into, in many instances, a permanent strategic ‘agile’ arrangement designed to work for the benefit of both the employer and employee alike.

In order to combat these challenges, Praxis42 have developed a sophisticated online workplace assessment tool designed and updated to:

  • Help employers evaluate and authorise agile and flexible working arrangements.
  • Identify issues caused by the employee’s working arrangements such as equipment and employee wellbeing.
  • Provide guidance, resources and resolutions to help minimise any potential risks.
  • Improve the management of agile working solutions.

This product has become an essential tool for many Praxis42 clients faced with this compliance and employee relations conundrum.


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