Agile Working Webinar Q&As | Praxis42

Our agile working webinar working Q&As highlights key questions asked during our agile working webinar regarding considerations of an agile workforce.


Questions covered include:

  • How are you going to manage company electrical equipment (in the home setting) for long term hybrid working?
  • Can employers (when recruiting) ask for fully vaccinated people to apply only?
  • Do you have to undertake a separate risk assessment for the office / the home / all other ad hoc places that an employee intends on working at / in?
  • Is it ok to allow people into the office only if they have had the vaccine?
  • Can an employer be accused of discrimination if they don’t allow an employee to work in an agile or hybrid way?
  • How would you tackle a management or cultural attitude that believes that work is only achieved when at the office?

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