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Product Demo: How to improve your risk assessment process

Our product demo 'How to improve your risk assessment process' covers well functioning risk assessment systems and tailoring these to your needs.

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Assessments and risk assessments in particular are an essential part of a successful wellbeing and safety management system. 

Hosted by Praxis42, this 45-minute product demo demonstrates the importance of well functioning risk assessment systems and how these systems can, and should, be tailored to your individual organisation’s needs. 

Topics covered include: 

  • How risk assessments should form part of your overall wellbeing and risk management approach. 
  • Importance of consultation and employee engagement in ensuring assessments are suitable and sufficient.
  • The benefits of using an online risk management system and compliance platform. 
  • Practical demonstration of our assessment and risk assessment centre and how it can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. 




 Mike Stevens-1

Mike Stevens

Chief Executive Officer   





Mike, a Chartered Safety Practitioner, is CEO and one of the founding Directors of Praxis42. He has worked in health, safety and compliance for over 30 years, his previous roles include being part of the Occupational, Health, Safety and Fire department at Mercury Communications and Cable Wireless and before that a consultant at RoSPA.

Mike has worked with clients across many sectors including facilities, construction and retail, supporting and understanding their challenges and then working to create and deliver solutions to support and improve the management of risk and compliance in their workplace.


Tom Paxman

Tom Paxman

Managing Director (Digital)




Tom is Managing Director of Digital at Praxis42, having started his career at Praxis42 as Marketing Director 17 years ago. This depth of experience means Tom has a unique insight into compliance and risk management, having worked with our many partners and clients over the years, to tailor the right service and products to their specific needs.

Tom's focus on using technology to support our customers compliance needs, has led to many innovations in our service offering, including our new risk management platform SHINE. Tom’s focus is always our clients and providing them with what they need make their risk management simple.


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