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Webinar: Modern Slavery in the Workplace and your ESG programme

Our Modern Slavery in the Workplace and your ESG programme webinar explores how to manage the risks from Modern Slavery in your organisation.

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This webinar aims to help organisations understand how to manage the risks from Modern Slavery, and how these fit into your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programme.


Topics covered include:

  • Overview of the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act (MSA), and how it impacts on both large and small organisations.
  • Relevant examples and case studies of the MSA.
  • Modern slavery within supply chain - where you might fit and how to meet client expectations.
  • How MSA fits into an organisation’s compliance and Environmental, Social, and Governance programme.


Hayley Gauntlett (2)

Guest Speaker - Hayley Gauntlett

Experienced Global Modern Slavery, Responsible, Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Expert

QBL Consulting



Hayley is one of the UKs leading experts on managing modern slavery and ethical risk in supply chains. Hayley has over 20 years’ experience managing ethical risk and working within the UKs top retailers, builders, logistics companies, energy providers and finance businesses.

She understands the business imperatives within global supply chains and is able to provide advice on “what good looks like” for those sourcing both within the UK and globally.


 Mike Stevens

Speaker - Mike Stevens

Chief Executive Officer  



Mike, a Chartered Safety Practitioner, is CEO and one of the founding Directors of Praxis42. He has worked in health, safety and compliance for over 30 years, his previous roles include being part of the Occupational, Health, Safety and Fire department at Mercury Communications and Cable Wireless and before that a consultant at RoSPA.

Mike has worked with clients across many sectors including facilities, construction and retail, supporting and understanding their challenges and then working to create and deliver solutions to support and improve the management of risk and compliance in their workplace.

Mike has seen some great strides in fire, health and safety management in his time in the profession and sees it as a priority to provide solutions to the challenges faced by health and safety professionals today, enabling them to focus on their strategic goals and improving overall safety and wellbeing within their organisation.


Tracy Seward-1

Host - Tracy Seward

Marketing Manager





I joined the Praxis42 team in 2018 as Marketing Manager. My background is in advertising, and over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work on campaigns for Madame Tussauds, Maclaren, Barclays, PepsiCo, McDonalds, Arsenal and many more.

I have a Lockdown kitten called Bob Marley AKA Chairman Meow, who seems to now rule the house!

My main pastimes outside of work are drinking coffee and Yoga – but not at the same time.



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